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How To Discover Which Wine you Like

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wine. To find out which wine you like, you simply have to try out a couple of different varieties and remember what you like. As a good starting point, however, you can look at the drinks that you already drink and work from there.

Think about whether you like your coffee with milk in it or whether you like it black. If you like your coffee with milk in it, try for a light-bodied red wine, whereas if you like black coffee try a medium-bodied wine like a merlot. If you love espresso then you can probably start yourself off with a full-bodied red- but don’t be afraid to dial it back down if you find the taste is too strong for you.

If you like your fruit juices to be really bitter, like grapefruit juice, then the chances are that you would enjoy a white wine that’s tart and refreshing, like a pinot grigio or a sauvignon blanc. If you’re more of a cloudy apple juice type of person then you’re probably going to enjoy a chardonnay more.

Some Chardonnays are aged in oak barrels, which makes them the perfect starter wine for people who already love alcohol that’s aged in oak barrels, drinks such as bourbon, whiskey, and certain types of rum.

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